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A brief of Pattaya, Thailand
Pattaya is about 150 kilometers east of Bangkok, Thailand. It is a popular city of Chonburi Province. It takes approximately 1.5 hours from Suwarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya City. Pattaya possesses a status similar to that of a municipality and is administered by a special autonomous system.

Pattaya is an enchanting tourist spot of South East Asia. Various classes of hotel have been built to satisfy individual desire. Hotel choices can be ranged from hotels for various nationalities of tourist groups to an array of fabulous boutique hotels for upscale personal preference.

There are 3 main regions of Pattaya Beach, starting from North Pattaya ( Pattaya Neau ), Middle Pattaya ( Pattaya Klang ) and South Pattaya ( Pattaya Tai ). Jomtien Beach is also a famous beach extended from South Pattaya toward the south. Pattaya Hill ( Phra Tamnak Hill ) is a small peaceful area of Pattaya situated between South Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. The beach of Pattaya Hill is more peaceful and less crowded than other regions. Here you can enjoy many types of water sports

Nobody can deny the fact that Pattaya is a marvelous destination to enjoy a plenty of activities.
Here are long lists of interesting activities in lively Pattaya.

            1. Scenic Route : Visit the top of Phra Tamnak Hill to see the breath-taking view of Pattaya Bay especially at sunset. It is a superb place to jog, exercise and recharge oxygen.
            2. Places to visit : Million Years Stone Park, Pattaya Crocodile Farm, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Mini Siam, Mini Europe, Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary, Suan Nong Nooch (a Thai village like             recreational park) Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Bottle Art Museum, Pattaya Water Park and Underwater World Pattaya.
            3. Spa : From head to toes ; Traditional Thai massage ( oil, body , foot ). It really stimulates blood circulation throughout the body and help cure your back pain from a long flight.
            4. Dining : Either inside or outside hotel restaurants will make you feel worth travelling to Pattaya. There are great selections waiting for you every corner of Pattaya. If you fall in love             with Thai food, you can attend Thai cooking classes at Thai cooking school or some restaurants of upscale hotels.
            5. Dancing : Cool discotheques and bars are things that you cannot miss. You can drink and dance the night away with your new Pattaya pals.
            6. Outdoor activities : Over 20 international standard golf courses, tennis, horse riding, trekking, AVT and go-kart.
            7. Indoor activities : Paintball ( day & night ) and bowling.
            8. Water sports : Para- gliding, para-sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Furthermore, for diving lover, even PADI and NAUI courses are available on top of great facilities for             scuba  diving.
            9. Shopping : Everybody says that Pattaya is always a shopping paradise. You will not be able to leave Pattaya without shopping. There are also outlet malls apart from great plaza,             shopping malls and supermarkets. Furthermore, you are welcome to shop for a house, townhouse, condominium, apartment, guesthouse and even a hotel.
            10. Health & Dental Care : For long stay guests, it is a good idea to have your health and dental check up in Pattaya. Local residents or hotel staffs can advise you where to go for             good quality care at reasonable cost.

Going around in Pattaya is not difficult at all. You can take mini taxi called " Song Taew " which offer services in many route. For greater independent, you can rent a car or motorbike to go on your own easily about any place in Pattaya City.

Life is simply easy and fun in Pattaya. This is why Pattaya attracts a great number of tourists each year

History about Pattaya, Thailand
Once upon a time, The troops of King Taksin, the great king of Thailand. He used this town as the base and the passage for his troops to combat against the Burmese. Soon after, the Thai troops were victorious over their Burmese counterpart. King Taksin was able to protect Thailand from the Burmese ruling. The city was renamed "Tap Praya" (Troops of the Emperor)

Presently, the city has turned into a tourist place that is one of the most beautiful city of Thailand. We call this city "Pattaya"

Pattaya is not only one of the most beautiful city in Thailand but also a commercial city of Thailand. In a year, Pattaya attract many diverse group of tourists from all over the world to visit Thailand. Whether its tourist from Asia, Europe, America, all because Pattaya boasts excellent tourist spots, and many other amenities. Some of the tourist destinations here are: Repleys - A museum with all the amazing stories from around the world Koh Laan - An Island that has a long white sand coast line and blue color sea. You can see the delightful sea bottom here. Diving - You can see different kind of fishes and corals that is surely gorgeous. Go Kart - Enjoyable go-kart ride that can be appreciated by people of all ages.

After the sunset, you can dine at Tower Pattaya Park. Here you can watch pleasing scenary of Pattaya. And if you are here with your special someone then this it can gets very romantic. At night, Pattaya offer one of the most prominent nightlife in Thailand. You can have fun walking along "Walking Street" - Open street that you can walk the whole night, total in at about 3 kilometres. No vehicles are allowed passing this street from 7pm until 2am everyday. Both ends of the road comprises of many shops and entertainment venues as in Disco, Bar, A go go, shops Etc. Pattaya is the most relaxing city and its welcome everybody, no matter sex or ages.

Most importantly in the near future, Pattaya will be the first city in Thailand with legal Casino. The government believes Pattaya is ready in all aspects, such as tourists or even accommodations. In Pattaya lie many hotels, Royal cliff, Pattaya Park, Ambassador, this is just to name a few. No less shopping malls either. Pattaya has Central Festival, Lotus, Big C, Tops Supermarket, Foodland, Mike, etc. Also many hospitals, Pattaya has many hi ends hospitals.

Hence, it is not surprising that Pattaya draw in the most foreign tourists in Thailand

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